Ginara Irish Wolfhounds

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The general format of an inquiry for an Irish Wolfhound puppy goes like this…… A family see an enormous hairy grey dog for the first time and decide that is the dog their family needs. After an internet search for puppies they discover some different ‘levels’ of Wolfhound puppies. There are multiple cross breeds with puppies being white with brindle patches, there are ‘stag hound’ types with skinny brindle puppies. The next level up is the pure but unregistered puppies. I believe the dogs in this breeding pool have been without registration papers for quite a few generations and not even their owners know the breeds in their background. The top of the line Irish Wolfhound will be from a registered breeder and they will not be advertised on the free online ads. Very few registered Irish Wolfhounds are advertised at all. Ethical breeders usually breed a litter with the intention of keeping a puppy to show and breed on with. They will have some puppy orders from people that have had puppies from them before. After the puppies arrive other breeders might refer good homes to them. This results with no need to advertise for homes except for the extremely large litter.

At this stage the puppy searcher will usually contact the ‘pure but unregistered’ breeder. I have found most of these people do not conduct any tests on the parents of the puppies. Ethical breeders will make sure the hearts of their dogs are sound before breeding. There is also a reluctance for them to test for Liver Shunt with the excuse that there is not a problem with Liver Shunt in Australia. Affected puppies still appear from time to time and it is heart breaking for the new owner to have a puppy affected by this. Puppies for unregistered breeders will often be sold at 6 weeks which is too early for them to have developed all their dog manners. You will find once you hand over your money they have no more advice for you either and no written instructions as to feeding, care and exercise will be provided.

To most people looking for ‘just a pet’ this is considered normal and will often work out for them. Unfortunately ethical breeders of Irish Wolfhounds are getting increasing contact from people looking for advice about feeding, exercise and behavioural issues.

From an unregistered breeder you will pay $800 to $1200 and you will get a 6 week old unregistered puppy with no guarantee about the actual breed mix involved or, importantly, the temperament of the breeds involved.

From a registered and ethical breeder you will pay $2,500 to $3,000 for an 8 to 10 week old puppy with a full pedigree and registration papers transferred to you. The puppy will have the paperwork to show it has been micro chipped, wormed, vaccinated and liver shunt tested. There will be a detailed feeding, exercise and training instruction booklet. The breeder will provide ongoing advice and support for the life of the puppy.

My advise has always been to be careful with so called pure bred Irish Wolfhounds without papers. Some unethical people will take advantage of people that know little about Irish Wolfhounds and well meaning families end up with very untypical Irish Wolfhounds and no where to turn for help. It is best to talk to registered breeders and meet them at shows where you can see their dogs and work out if an Irish Wolfhound is suitable for your family. They are giants and not every home is suitable. Like all dogs they like to be with their family and not left to entertain themselves all day every day. Breeders will not always have puppies available when you contact them, expect to wait at least 6 months for a litter to come along.

This is general advice and registered breeders will often have contracts and conditions involved with their puppies.

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